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Mrs. Harmeet Kaur

Welcome learners, first of all, All the Best and thanks for visiting our website.

You are here, it means you are optimistic about your learning skills.

Why would you book lessons with Mrs. Harmeet Kaur?

Here is the answer, the tutor is an expert in the language and her teaching style is excellent. She has 10 years of language teaching experience. She has been teaching with offline and online platforms since 2014.

She takes the trail lesson and asks some basic questions about you. Based on your answers, she creates the best lesson plan for you.

She follows psychology based training on language. She provides you good content in all modules. She knows how to make the language easy to speak and read. She not only helps you learn a new language, but also helps you learn the native language, culture and the Gurbani.

So, don't delay. Book your session with Mrs. Harmeet Kaur and see the results.

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